Welcome to our FAQ section. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions about our services. Let’s dive in:


How much notice do you need to book a reservation?

Lead times vary, but we often manage arrangements within 15 minutes. We prefer at least 2 hours’ notice.


What is your cancellation policy?

It depends on several factors, such as the event and vehicle type, location, and day of the week. For specifics, visit our Terms and Conditions page on Cancellation Policy.


How do I get a receipt?

You can obtain your receipt via our online portal or by contacting our Accounting Department through various communication methods, such as phone, email, text, or web chat.


Why is the amount charged different from the amount I was quoted?

Charges only differ if there’s a material change in the reservation details, like route, service times, or vehicle type.


Where will I be met at the airport?

Standard pickups at Aspen Pitkin County Airport are curbside. Inside pickups with additional assistance are available for an extra fee.


What if my flight is delayed?

Our system integrates with FAA flight data, enabling us to track and adjust for any changes in your flight’s status.


Are pets allowed inside the vehicles?

Yes, pets are welcome, though an additional fee may apply. Please discuss your needs with our agents.


How can I contact my chauffeur?

Upon arrival, your chauffeur’s contact information will be sent to you via text message.


What kind of training do your chauffeurs go through?

Our chauffeurs undergo extensive training, including field-based learning, classroom instruction, and annual refreshers, regardless of their prior experience. Furthermore, we have a monthly meeting to review safety and service topics.


I want to make changes to my booking. What should I do?

Our team is available 24/7 to assist with any changes through our online portal, phone, email, web chat, or text messaging.


Is there any charge for an additional stop?

Yes, additional stops are subject to fees.


Is there a fee for waiting periods?

We offer complimentary waiting periods: 15 minutes for non-airport pickups and 30 minutes for airport arrivals.


When do I get charged for my service?

Services are charged at the time of booking.


Feel free to reach out with any more questions or for further assistance! Call us at 970-319-6558 or e-mail us at info@aspenlimoservices.com.